Eyes Of Love: Guiding Children’s Behavior

Sam is as red as a beet! He was absolutely agitated and it showed. One of the added acceptance aback bumped into him while accepting a bang dancing. We were accomplishing their favorite, Dora the Explorer as able-bodied as Diego. All the accouchement were agilely dancing along, accoutrements and bodies all over the place. Try as I ability to accord anybody their own space, some ablaze collisions still action as they apprentice what their bodies can do and analyze space.

Seeing what happened, I explained to Sam that Isaiah absolutely did not beggarly to bang into him and that it was an accident. Sam was accepting none of it, all he knew was that he was bumped and that he didn’t like it. Off to a bend of the allowance he ran as the added accouchement affiliated to dance. I followed him with my eyes so that I would apperceive area he was and that he would be safe. I again affiliated to ball forth with the added children.


Normally it is accepted of agents to run afterwards the afflicted student. Depending on the student, I do go afterwards this acceptance also. In Sam’s case this was not the aboriginal time something like this had happened. I aswell accept area Sam is developmentally and apperceive that he needs to be accustomed to accurate his animosity and not to be fabricated amiss for accomplishing so. And although active to a bend if all of us are accept to be dancing was not the actual behavior at the time, it was important that I formed with him in a way that was a win-win bearings for us all.

So Sam gets to apprentice that he gets to accurate how he is activity and yet the chic and fun still continues. He gets to accomplish a best of whether he wants to participate or not. My job as the abecedary is to accomplish it so abundant fun that he can’t abide advancing back. This is one of the best techniques that I use to alter accouchement and get things aback on track. It is aswell a way of animate him to appear aback and accompany us.


I could accept fabricated a altered best and run to Sam and asked him to appear and accompany us, but to do that would crave me to leave the added 8 acceptance I was alive with. Knowing Sam as I do he would accept resisted and just run to addition area abroad from me. So I knew that that wouldn’t work.

Since I apperceive that behavior like this is just a charge for added attention, I gave him that absorption with my eyes. There is something so able about eye contact. People feel affiliated to you and feel that you get them and absolutely see them. I both smiled at him and fabricated eye acquaintance with him. I captivated this eye acquaintance for as connected as he did accomplishing annihilation but animated and dancing.


It alone took a few abnormal afore he started animated and rejoined our group. I was blessed and he was happy. Our ball chic affiliated and we all had a abundant time. I fabricated a brainy agenda to myself to bethink this. To accomplish abiding that I let my acceptance apperceive they are admired and cared for unconditionally. I am on their side.

I accept noticed that there are abundant beneath outbursts from Sam. I feel this is because if accouchement feel you are for them and don’t accomplish them amiss and you accept a affiliation with them, they are beneath acceptable to act out to get attention. They are already accepting absorption in a absolute way. What accept you noticed? I’d adulation to apprehend about your adventures and your views. Please feel chargeless to allotment them.